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Sketchbook 2: October 1972-October 1973

The 19 pages in this sketchbook are more full of drawings, which makes the images take a little longer to download. It's obvious that my drawing skills were starting to improve, and I took these sketches more seriously as I worked on them. There's a table of contents below if you want to jump to one page in particular; otherwise just start with the first page and browse through the entire sketchbook by clicking on the "Next" links in the bottom right-hand corner of each page.

1973 sketchbook cover

Sketchbook 2 Table of Contents
1. Early-Mid October: Harvest Moon 11. Early-Mid March: Spring Begins
2. Mid-Late October: Autumn Free 12: March 16: Study Drawing of Crow
3. Late October-Early November: The Ripening Season 13. Mid March-Early April: The Wild Season
4. Mid-Late November: Autumn's End 14: Early-Late April: Phoebe Spring
5. Late November-Mid-December: Introduction to Winter 15: Late April-Mid May: The Burgeoning Season
6. Early-Mid January: The New Year 16: Early-Mid June: Approach of Summer
7. Late January-Early February: Old Man Winter 17: Late June-Mid July: Long Summer Days
8. Mid-Late February: Harbingers-of-Spring 18: Late July-Late August: Full Season
9. February 12: Study Drawing of Barred Owl 19: Early September-Early October: Enter Autumn
10. Late February-Early March: Winter's End  


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