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A Naturalist's Notebook

When I was 14-15 years old, I wrote a series of 23 essays as a weekly assignment for my high school English class. I called the series "A Naturalist's Notebook." Naturalist's Notebook Table of Contents

Croton Reservoir: February 27, 1974

The Croton Reservoir is another interesting area to hikers. To the northwest, Salt Hill and Keg Mountain, the highest point in Westchester (810 feet) can be seen. The Croton River flows southeast of the dam. To the northeast, Turkey Mountain looms at 760 feet high. To the east, Bald Mountain rises. Water is plentiful in this area, and there are many lakes, ponds, and streams, as well as the expansive reservoir, to explore. The Croton River, Frankrest Pond, Purdy Brook, Baily Brook, Journey's End Lake, Teatown Lake (and the whole Teatown Reservation), Gedney Brook (which leads to Gedney Brook Sanctuary), Shadow Lake, and Still Lake provide some interesting views, hikes, and explorations. To the south and east of the dam, there is an area of many pines, which I often call "Cohasset." (Cohasset, oddly enough, is an Iroquois term for many pines!)

There are many scenic roads to cycle or walk on, much is missed in a car. Croton Dam Road and Applebee Farm Road are two of the most scenic, quaint old roads I've seen. Salt Hill, which may be reached from Valeria Home, has an old fire tower up top. The view is totally wonderful.

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