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Morning Notes

August 24, 1973
Place: Our property, near lake.
Weather: Partly cloudy-mostly clear. Temp 58°F. No wind (calm)
Time: 5:25 am - 6:00 am

5:25 am: Dew falling rather heavily, no birds calling yet, still dark.

5:28: Rooster calls in distance.

5:31: Raccoon calls about 30 feet to my right.

5:25: Can see mist rising from lake.

5:40: Small flock of unidentified ducks flies overhead.

5:45: Wood thrush gives alarm note.

5:46: Robin gives alarm note, many times.

5:47: Several robins giving alarm.

5:49: Robin alarms dying down, still no singing.

5:50: Wood thrushes giving alarms, Baltimore oriole sings.

5:51: Cardinal starts singing, oriole interjects.

5:52: Blue jay gives alarm note.

5:53: Crow calls.

5:54: Catbird calls, cardinal and oriole only species definitely singing, wood thrush and catbird calling, and crow.

5:56: Mourning dove calls (coo, coo, coo).

6:00: Leave.

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