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Morning Notes

August 1, 1973
Place: Our property, near lake.
Weather: Temp, 62°F, clear sky, fog, misty, getting a little more cloudy.
Time: 4:35 am - 5:44 am

4:39 am: Two raccoons down by lake, one snarling, other giving off a whistled "to-wee, to-wee, to-wee."

4:42: Rooster calls in distance several times.

4:51: Hear some kind of bird calling, sounds like high-pitched blue-jay's "jay," that's just what it sounds like, but it isn't a jay. At least, I am almost sure it isn't a jay. Getting lighter out, can now see shapes and can read watch without flashlight. Rooster calls.

4:59: Robin sings, just one sings.

5:07: No robins or any birds have sung since 4:59.

5:10: Song sparrow sings once.

5:11: Robin sings in distance, sings a lot.

5:12: Two robins give alarm calls close, cardinal sings, other robin sings close up. Robin in distance is silent.

5:13: Two robins singing, one in distance, one near. Another one farther off in distance sings too. Three robins singing, now rooster crows.

5:15: Four or five or six robins all singing together now.

5:16: Cardinal sings again, small chorus of robins now.

5:17: Wood thrush sings, many robins, cardinal singing.

5:18: Many wood thrushes, very many robins, two or three cardinals singing.

5:20: Song sparrow sings again, many wood thrushes, large chorus of robins, several catbirds.

5:24: Song sparrow sings again, several times, same situation at 5:20.

5:25: Catbird sings, song sparrow still singing.

5:26: Mourning dove sings, mist quite pretty over lake, all birds mentioned above singing except rooster.

5:27: Cardinal gives alarm note, all birds still singing but somewhat quieter, chorus dying down. Rooster crows.

5:34: Whole chorus raises up again in volume, crows call, two of them. Catbirds are calling a lot, very many wood thrushes, hardly any robins, cardinals common, wood pewee calls, song sparrows common, blue jay calls, mourning dove.

5:40: Whole chorus dies down again, few robins, all birds mentioned above singing in small amounts except pewee and jay and crows not singing—oops—wood pewee sings again.

5:43: Crow calls, grackle calls, much fog, cannot see if grackle is flying.

5:44: Two crows fly low overhead. Chickadee sings several times.

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