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Morning Notes

July 18, 1973
Place: Our property.
Weather: Cool, partly cloudy-mostly cloudy, no wind, full moon.
Time: 4:30 am - 5:53 am

4:40 am: Rooster calls in distance.

4:45: Robin awakes, gives alarm note

4:48: Another robin gives alarm call.

4:49: Cardinal and song sparrow sing once, then stop.

4:51: Robin gives alarm again, still doesn't sing!

4:53: Wood thrushes start singing, then a few robins cut in, singing.

4:54: Robin chorus growing louder, more wood thrushes sing—it's as if that one wood thrush triggered the whole chorus!

4:56: Getting cloudier, robins singing all around now.

5:04: Catbird sings.

5:05: Song sparrow sings.

5:06: Mourning dove sings (coo's).

5:10: Robin chorus giving no sign of slowing down, cardinal sings.

5:12: Crow calls.

5:14: Robin chorus dies down, all birds mentioned above are singing, including several mourning doves, crows.

5:18: Still a few bats in the sky.

5:20: Blue jay calls, crows, doves, son sparrow, catbird, robin, thrush, all are singing or calling, clouds going away.

5:26: Whole chorus has died down a bit, cardinals are really living it up, as well as crows and catbirds.

5:29: Three robins fight for territory overhead.

5:30: Chickadee calls.

5:31: Chickadees start singing, redwings give alarm notes.

5:32: Three grackles flying north, see morning notes #1.

5:34: Clouds really going away now.

5:35: Redwings flying around lake.

5:36: Two grackles flying north, calling noisily.

5:37: Herring gull flies high over lake, crows flapping around and yelling in trees across the lake.

5:40: Three crows fly over lake, silently.

5:41: Yellow-billed cuckoo calls from woods.

5:43: Flicker calls.

5:44: Redwing sings for first time (have been giving alarm calls. House wren also sings, also red-bellied woodpecker calls.

5:45: Cuckoo calls from woods again, crows fly over, 4 of them. One grackle flying north, flicker sings.

5:46: One more grackle flying north, red-bellied woodpecker calls some more. Barn swallows flying over lake. Clouds are almost completely gone. One more grackle flying north. Most birds are quiet now, only a few sing.

5:49: Another two grackles flying north. Make it three. Make it five! Six. Okay, they stopped at six.

5:52: Five more grackles, flying north.

5:53: Only a catbird, a mourning dove, wood thrush, barn swallows are making any noise. Include a song sparrow. Sun hits top of trees. Must go now.

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