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Flowering Dates

Along with my bird data sheets, I kept records for one year (May 1973 to April 1974) of the flowering dates of wildflowers that I observed on our property and elsewhere.

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1973-74 Wildflower Data
Type of Plant First Date Observed Flowering Where Seen Comments
Coltsfoot March 10, 1973 Near Furnace Brook Lake Very early flower
Myrtle (Periwinkle) March 16, 19783 Near our lake Many (as usual). Look for around St. Patrick's Day
Skunk cabbage March 16, 1973 By stream Look for around St. Patrick's Day
Dandelion March 31, 1973 In yard Many, as usual
Whitlow Grass April 3, 1973 By Lake Woodrock (at beach) Small mustard, white, leaves in basal rosette, no leaves on stem
Carolina whitlow grass April 3, 1973 In yard Distinguished from above by several leaves on stem
Grape hyacinth April 5, 1973 In yard Quite a few
Trout lily April 6, 1973 By stream Very pretty this year
Large-leaved violet April 6, 1973 Under magnolia near lake large patch
Common blue violet April 6, 1973 Under magnolia near lake Semi-large patch mixed in with above
Moss phlox April 9, 1973 Yard Many (patch)
Selfheal (heal-all) April 12, 1973 Yard Many
Spring-beauty April 18, 1973 Furnace Brook Lake Many flowering on edge of lake, across from Furnace Dock Road
Rue-anemone April 18, 1973 Near Oak Lane Check earlier next year
Celandine April 20, 1973 Entrance of Brook Lane (Not celandine-poppy). Stem exudes yellow liquid. Early
Marsh-marigold April 20, 1973 Furnace Dock Road, across from Furnace Brook Lake First time seen in area (by me)
Jack-in-the-pulpit April 21, 1973 Brinton Brook Sanctuary and here in woods near home Plants flowering when approx 3-4 inches high
Common cinquefoil April 21, 1973 Yard Also, probably, dwarf cinquefoil
Common strawberry (wild) April 21, 1973 Yard Good amount of flowers
Gill-over-the-ground April 22, 1973 By tennis courts Usual
Solomon's seal (true) April 23, 1973 Woods near home Just barely open (flowers) will open week later. Good date
Winter cress April 26, 1973 Near fish pond and in tennis court Quite common
Wild geranium April 29, 1973 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Quite common
Common buttercup April 29, 1973 Home Common
Speedwell (exact species unknown) May 2, 1973 Yard 20 species in aea, this one has alternating leaves with flowers in leaf axils
False Solomon's seal May 5, 193 Woods Quite a few
Pink moccasin May 5, 1973 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Beautiful, on yellow trail near Brinton Lake
Canada mayflower May 19, 1973 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Fairly common
White baneberry May 24, 1973 Pine Acre Woods near Lakeview Drive and Brook Lane One
Blackberry May 27, 1973 Near lake Many flowers
Spring vetch May 27, 1973 Yard several
Yellow wood sorrel May 30, 1973 All over Common
Red clover June 1, 1973 Yard Several
Blue-eyed grass June 1, 1973 Near lake, by magnolia Very many!
Moneywort June 2, 1973 Near lake, Goose Landing Common
Smaller forget-me-not June 2, 1973 Goose Landing A few
Nightshade June 2, 1973 Near lake Common (very)
Bladder campion June 8, 1973 Near lake, all around Common
Asiatic dayflower June 14, 1973 Near roads Fairly common
Spiderwort June 16, 1973 Near big bird feeder by house Only one plant
Hedge bindweed June 17, 193 Near lake and tenniscourt Fairly common
Horse nettle June 25, 1973 Near tenniscourt Common
Common mullein June 30, 1973 Near Button's house Occasional
Purple loosestrife July 1, 1973 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Common
Black-eyed Susan July 1, 1973 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Common
Jewelweed July 1, 1973 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Very common
Butter-and-eggs July 1, 1973 Con Edison powerline A few large stands
Indian pipes July 1, 1973 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Several
Chickory July 1, 1973 Furnace Brook Lake Abundant on roadsides
Common evening primrose August 1, 1973 Tenniscourt A few
Common burdock August 6, 1973 Near house One or two large plants
Goldenrods Mid-August, 1973 All around I am not going to try to distinguish between the species!
Wildflowers in 1974
Skunk cabbage February 18, 1974 By teams, brooks See last year's date: most likely flowering this time last year, didn't notice
Coltsfoot March 6, 1974 Furnace Brook Lake A little earlier than last year's
Myrtle March 18, 1974 Near upper lake Two days later than last year's
Selfheal April 3, 1974 Yard Many, earlier than last year
Whitlow grass, Carolina Whitlow grass April 3, 1974 Near Lake Woodrock Same as last year
Dandelion April 3, 1974 Yard Later than last year


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