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Field Trip Notes

In the summer of 1973, I developed a data sheet to record my sightings during field trips to Brinton Brook Sanctuary. I did four of these trip reports in July and August; I've transcribed one here.

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Field Trip Data Sheet

Date: July 22, 1963
Time: 5:00 am - 8:00 am
Weather Comments: Partly to mostly cloudy, calm, cool, 63°F
Purpose of Trip: General, mostly for birding

Bird Species Seen: Robin, cardinal, towhee, chickadee, kingbird, song sparrow, common crow, blue jay, catbird, wood duck (2), indigo bunting, yellow-billed cuckoo, kingfisher, great crested flycatcher, flicker, wood thrush, louisiana waterthrush, redwing, grouse.

Plant Species Seen (for the first time): None

Mammal Species Seen: Cottontail rabbit, woodchuck

Fish Species Seen: None

Unusual Sightings: Wood ducks, indigo bunitng, yellow-billed cuckoo, great crested flycatcher, louisiana waterthrush

Comments: Very wet underfoot, mosquitoes quite common, but otherwise some good sightings. Noticed that indigo bunting sings from top of preferably dead tree.