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Bird Data

From 1971-74 I kept track of many of my sightings of birds, focusing on the arrival dates of migrants and sightings of rare species. I also kept similar records for one year (1973-74) for wildflowers.

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Key to abbreviations in the remarks column: SPR = Semi-permanent Resident; PR = Permanent Resident; T = Transient; WR = Winter Resident; SR = Summer Resident. Designations were based on whether I saw these birds on a regular basis around our home, not whether they were residents of southern New York State.

Bird Data (Dates are in month-day-year format)
Type of Bird Arrival or Date Seen Where Seen Remarks
Purple finch 11/20/71 At front bird feeder Male and female stayed 1 day (T)
Red-bellied woodpecker 11/21/71 On suet One male; female came 4/4/72 (SPR)
Carolina wren 11/25/71 At window feeder No remarks (WR)
Evening grosbeak 1/8/72 At window feeder 15 or 20, 1 day (T)
Brown creeper 1/22/72 On oak outside south window One (WR)
Pine siskin 1/26/72 Near feeder 4 on 26th; after that quite a few, stayed til mid-May (T)
Redpoll 2/24/72 Near feeder Small amount on 24th, later about 60 (T)
Woodcock 3/4/72 Goose landing by our lake One bird (SR)
Redwing/grackle RW: 3/1/72; Grackle 3/2/72 Near goose landing Nested, as usual (SR)
Yellow-billed cuckoo 6/4/72 In dead hickory near house Two birds! One at Brinton Brook Sanctuary (T)
Bohemian waxwing 3/30/72 By window feeder Amazing! With cedar waxwings (T)
Hooded merganser 3/30/72 In lake Male and female (T)
Ruby-crowned kinglet 10/19/72 In gray birch near house Many (T)
Slate colored junco 10/17/72 At feeder No remarks (WR)
Evening grosbeak 10/31/72 Everywhere Many, 250-300 (T)
Siskin and redpoll 10/31/72 Near Lake Woodrock Not very many (T)
Bittern 11/4/72 By lake One, not bad!! (T)
Red-breasted nuthatch 11/5/72 On hemlock near house One, later a few more (WR)
White-winged crossbill 11/7/72 On Spruce Lane in a hemlock One female (T)
Red crossbill 11/7/72 On Brook Lane near bridge, in hemlock Six of them, males and females (T)
Red-bellied woodpecker 11/26/72 On suet Male; female a few days later (SPR)
Vesper sparrow 12/7/72 Bird feeder Good sight! (T)
Redwing 2/24/73 Near house Spring's here! (SR)
Grackle 3/1/73 Near house Spring's here! (SR)
Redpoll 3/3/73 Near tomato garden One male (T)
Flicker 3/4/73 Near tomato garden and lake Pair (M&F) on ground (SR)
Kingfisher 3/8/73 By lake Lake still frozen! (SPR)
Great horned owl 3/10/73 By house Two of them at 5:30-6:05 am!! (PR)
Cowbird 3/13/73 By bird feeder One female (SR)
Wood duck 3/15/73 Flying above lake Heard, not seen (SR)
Hooded merganser 3/17/73 In lake two, male and female (T)
Fox sparrow 3/18/73 At bird feeder My mother has seen these for a few weeks but this is the first date I could pin on them (T)
Phoebe 3/31/73 Around lake Two on 3/31 (SR)
Tree swallow 4/12/73 Lake Woodrock Many (SR)
Ruby-crowned kinglet 4/16/73 Mt. Airy Road by Woodybrook Lane One (T)
Barred owl 4/21/73 Woods near home Heard, not seen (PR)
Towhee 4/21/73 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Several, more than usual (SR)
Louisiana waterthrush 4/21/73 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Good sighting. Was singing, too (SR)
Brown thrasher 4/21/73 Woods near home Singing a lot (SR)
Myrtle warbler 4/23/73 Furnace Brook Lake Large flock (T)
Wood thrush 4/29/73 Furnace Brook Lake Several (SR)
Blue-winged warbler 4/29/73 Near Hickory Lane One, male, sang later, very common (T)
House wren 4/29/73 Brinton Brook Sanctuary One, sang (SR)
Baltimore oriole 5/2/73 At home Usual (SR)
Catbird 5/3/73 At home Usual (SR)
Black and white warbler 5/5/73 Brinton Brook One, later several (T)
Rose-breasted grosbeak 5/6/73 Furnace Dock Road near Hickory Lane Male and female (SR)
Redstart 5/6/73 Furnace Dock Road near Hickory Lane Male (T)
Yellow warbler 5/6/73 Furnace Brook Lake Very, very many (SR)
Indigo bunting 5/19/73 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Good sighting (SR)
Veery 5/19/73 Brinton Brook Sanctuary Good sighting (SR)
Red-tailed hawk 7/30/73 Furnace Woods Elementary School One, glided over the school (PR)
Slate-colored junco 10/8/73 Inwood Lane Many of them (WR)
Ruby-crowned kinglet 10/21/73 Gray birch near house See 10/19/73 for comparison date (T)
Cedar waxwing 11/4/73 Over patio/tennis court seven of them (T)
Evening grosbeak 11/4/73 Flying over yard Flying high, many (T)
Redwing 2/14/74 Con Ed trail west of Furnace Brook Lake Singing, only one (SR)
Grackle 2/24/74 Near house Singing (SR)
Flicker 2/28/74 Heard, near lake Normal (SR)
Mallard duck 3/2/74 In lake Only small portion of water on lake (T)
Mute swan 3/21/74 Lake Woodrock Pair (T)
Ruby-crowned kinglet 9/7/74 Gray birch outside window Same place as last two years (T)
Blue goose 9/29/74 In lake with 25 Canada geese A lifer, really unusual sight for us! (T)